Series "Cuadernos de referencia, FIJAS"

Reference Guides for Toy figures Collectors.
By José Manuel Allendesalazar,
Director of the "Fijas" Museum of Old Toy Figures,
Sepúlveda , Spain

Already published:

(The format of all Guides is 29 x 21 cms.)

The booklet are distributed by:

"El Infante"

C/ Alcántara , 35 - 28006 Madrid


Temporary Exhibitions in the Museum

The special presentation, in 2005, of toy figures conmemorating the 4th centenary of the first edition of "Don Quixote", which met with great interest among visitors to the Museum, has encouraged us to continue with this kind of temporary displays, with figures from our own Collection.

So far, the temporary exhibitions presented in the museum have been the following:

Other similar presentations are being planned for the future. Any suggestions as to further subjects will be welcome.